Put an egg on it and call it Breakfast!!!

 “Welcome to Skinny Dogz Brunchery”


(3)Ham & Jam Biscuit Sliders - Shaved smoked ham, arugula, pimento cheese, & mixed berry jam  $9.99

Oinkin’ Donut Basket - House smoked Pork belly & maple glazed donut squares served w/bourbon maple dipper  $9.99

Country Deviled Eggs - made w/country ham & topped w/tomato  $7.99

(10)Smoked Chicken Wings House smoked then flash fried w/choice of sauce (BBQ Ranch, Honey Hot, or 

Carolina Mustard)  $10.99

Poutine - Crinkle cut fries topped w/short rib gravy &

cheese curds  $9.99

Breakfast Sammies:

Bagel, Biscuit,Pretzel Bun or Croissant - Fried or scrambled egg, meat, cheese

 (Sausage, Bacon, or Ham….Pork Belly $1 xtra)  $6.99

Crazy Krista - Sausage, Peanut Butter, pickles on a bagel $5.99

Italian Breakfast Sammy – Scrambled Eggs, Sweet & Hot Italian sausage, red, green, & yellow peppers, provolone & basil mayo on amoroso $9.99

Honey Hot Chicken Biscuit - fried 7oz chicken breast dipped in honey hot  $8.49

Chicken & Waffles:

Choice of (1) Waffle - Plain, Pecan, or Bacon cheddar

Choice of (1)Butter - Candied Pecan, Strawberry/Rhubarb, or Peach Cobbler

Choice of (1)Drizzle - Maple, Bourbon Maple, Honey Hot

Choice of Chicken– (6)House Smoked Wings or Cutlet - $12.99

Main Plates:

Old School - (2)Eggs, choice of meat, taters, & toast  $8.99

Shrimp & Grits - Crunchy bacon/cheddar Grit cakes, Grilled shrimp, chorizo cream sauce   $12.99

Steak & Eggs - New York Strip, (2)Eggs, taters, & toast   $13.99

New Yorker Hash – Chunks of house smoked pastrami, corned beef, taters, green peppers, onions w/(2)eggs & toast  $11.99

Not your Grandpa’s SOS – Chopped smoked beef, white pepper gravy, over grilled rustic Italian bread, w/2 eggs $10.99

Biscuits & Gravy - 1/2 order  $5.99  Full order  $8.99 

Veggie Biscuits & Gravy – 1/2 order $7.99  Full order $10.99

(2)Pancakes & Meat – $7.99 (Add fresh blueberries $2.00)

Granola & Yogurt - Vanilla or Mixed berry Greek yogurt & homemade granola served w/croissant  $9.99

Biscuit Benedicts served w/2 eggs:

The P.R. - Mojo Skirt Steak, sweet plantains, spinach, monchego cheese, sofrito hollandaise  $12.99

Holy Mater - Ham, Fried green tomato, bourbon bacon jam, tomato, & smoked tomato hollandaise  $11.99

The Jeffro - Salt cured Country ham, tomato,

american cheese, espresso hollandaise  $10.99

Cuban Benedict - smoked ham, swiss, roasted caribbean pork, mayo, mustard hollandaise, topped w/chopped dill pickles and served w/2 tostones - $12.99

White Hot - Fried Shrimp, bacon, tomato, spinach, white sauce, & sriracha  $12.99

Gateway Honey Hot - Fried chicken breast in honey hot, collard greens, Gruyere, tomato, fire mayo  $11.99

Coney Benedict - Oh yes we did!!! hamburger patties, american cheese, coney sauce, raw onions, & spicy mustard hollandaise  $11.99

Bistro Benedict – provolone, braised short rib, mushrooms, onion straws, hollandaise, & bleu cheese  $12.99

Frittata’s served w/choice of Bread:

       (Ask your server for some homemade Jujo Sauce)

Farmer’s Daughter - shrooms, spinach, sun dried tomato, onions, goat cheese  $10.99

Meat Lovers - sausage, bacon, ham, pork belly, & provolone  $10.99

Lurene - Bacon, tomato, spinach, Gruyere cheese  $9.99

Breakfast - Sausage, bacon, taters, onion, cheddar jack  $10.99

Gateway Club - turkey, ham, bacon, tomato, swiss, topped

w/ arugula & homemade strawberry/rhubarb jam $11.99

Baja - Chorizo, shrimp, onion, green peppers, Queso fresco, serranoes, avocado, w/chipotle sour cream drizzle  $11.99  

Kid’s Menu served w/Fries or Fruit:

Grilled Cheese, Hot Dog, or Mini Corn Dogs  $5.99

Silver Dollar Pancakes w/meat & fruit $5.99

Chocolate Chip Silver Dollar Pancakes w/meat & fruit $6.99

H&Mia - Silver Dollar pancakes,(1) egg, meat, & fruit  $6.99

(For Gluten Free Pancakes add $2.00) 

Burgers served w/Fries (make it a Double for $3)

*2 different cuts of beef, ground in-house daily*

**Put an egg on it and call it breakfast - $1.50**

(Feel free to add Lettuce, Tomato, onion, pickle)

Pub Crawler - Pork belly, pickles, beer cheese, onion straws on Pretzel Bun - $8.99

Marsala Mushroom Burger - Swiss, marsala shrooms, & mayo  $8.99

Skinny Dogz Burger - grilled onions, pickles, mustard/ketchup, american  $7.99

Jammin’ Bacon Burger – Bacon/onion jam, bleu cheese, bacon  $8.99

H Bomb - Ham, American cheese, pickle, lettuce,

& spicy 1000 island  $8.99

Double Bacon/Mushroom Melt - 2 burger patties, crimini shrooms, swiss, bacon, american, fire mayo  $11.99

Impossible Veggie - Provolone, spinach, tomato, fire mayo  $11.99

Hangover – Candied bacon, pimento cheese, onion straws,

& fried egg, $9.99

Hot Dogz served w/Fries (skin-on All-Beef franks):

Coney - Homemade coney sauce, onion, mustard 

(1)$6.99  (2)$9.99

Kielbasa - Kraut, caramelized onion, bourbon bacon jam, beer cheese  (1)$7.99  (2)$10.99

Sloppy Slaw Dog - Coney sauce, sriracha slaw, & onion straws  (1)$7.99  (2)$10.99

911 – tomatoes, pickled serranoes, beer cheese,

fire mayo, & arugula  (1)6.99  (2)$9.99

The SD - relish, grilled onion, Dogz sauce, tater sticks, 

& beer cheese  (1)$6.99  (2)$9.99

Chicago-ish - relish, tomato, onion, pickled serrano, mustard, dill pickle spear, & celery salt  (1)$7.99  (2)$10.99

Sammies served w/Fries - (*) are pressed:

(*)Fried Bologna Italiano - Mortadella, lettuce, tomato, green olives, american cheese, mayo  $9.99

Mimosa Chicken – Fried Chicken dipped in orange sauce, spring mix, tomato, champagne cheddar, sriracha slaw on ciabatta bread $11.99

Ham & Cheese Sub- Grilled Ham, muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers, creamy italian, & mayo  $9.99

Blackened Chicken Philly - Blackened Chicken breast, provolone, american, onions, mushrooms, & mayo 

on Amoroso roll  $11.99

(*)Short Rib Melt - braised short rib, Gruyere cheese, caramelized onion, Fois gras butter  $11.99

(*)The Bushwood Clubhouse - House smoked turkey, swiss, mixed berry jam, bacon, tomato, arugula, mayo  $10.99

(*)Polish New Yorker - House smoked pastrami, corned beef, kraut, swiss, kielbasa, spicy 1000 island, topped w/Fries  $12.99

Crunchy Almond Mahi – spring mix, tomato, red onion, & Honey/lime mayo $11.99

(*)Spring Chicken rotisserie chicken, provolone, roasted red pepper, arugula, avocado, homemade pesto, mayo $11.99


Garden -Lettuce, tomato, cukes, red onion, cheddar jack $7.99

Antipasto - Lettuce, tomato, green olives, ham, salami, swiss, grated parm, & giardiniera tossed in homemade vinaigrette  $10.99

Skinny Dogz Caesar - Romaine, tomato, bacon, croutons, & parm   $7.99   Add Chicken - $4.50  Add Shrimp - $5.50

It’s Always Summer - Spring Mix, mandarin orange, candied pecans, corn, goat cheese, tomato, cukes, tortilla strips, 

grilled shrimp  $12.99 


Krinkle Cut Fries: $3.99         Onion Straws: $4.99

                          Small House Salad: $4.49        Small Caesar: $4.99

                          Collard Greens: $3.99           Cheddar Bacon Grit Cake  $2.49

Soup of Day: Cup $4.99  Bowl $6.49

*Sub house salad: $1.50  *Sub Caesar: $2.00  *Sub Onion Straws: $1.50